AAHQ 2020 Distinguished Member Award

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On December 4, 2020, Pam Cochran presented the AAHQ 2020 Distinguished Member Award during the annual meeting to all 2020 AAHQ Members.

AAHQ 2020 Distinguished Member Award: 2020 AAHQ Membership

Good afternoon to my fellow AAHQ Board Members and the valued
members of our association.

2020 has been a year like no other. We will remember 2020 for many
reasons. This year will be remembered as a time of social unrest in the
presence of a paralyzing public health emergency. COVID-19 continues to
take lives and cause widespread burden on our healthcare systems and

I would challenge that all hearing me speak have likely suffered in some
way, sadly most of us know someone who has died or fallen ill due to
COVID-19. I am sincerely sorry. And remembering in the midst of this
pandemic, our professional work and personal lives continue.
Each year, AAHQ honors a distinguished member for their work and
dedication to healthcare quality. Just as most things are different for us
this year, our award recipient is different as well, but I argue just as
important and just as meaningful.

This year, the Arkansas Association for Healthcare Quality honors our
2020 membership for their service to the people and healthcare businesses
of Arkansas. Our members work on the frontline, work supporting quality
by taking data and providing answers, auditing core measures and
reporting outcomes, designing actions to improve and support
accreditation efforts… I could go on and on.

Today, we pause and honor you. Thank you for your work and your
continued dedication to the health of the people of Arkansas.
Closing, I ask you to continue this journey with us. Renew your
membership, ask organizational leaders to support membership widely in
your hospitals and businesses. Now more than ever, healthcare quality is
being challenged and we need you and your membership. There is truly
strength in numbers. Soon we will welcome 2021.

Pam Cochran, Membership Services


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