AAHQ Seeking Member of the Year Nominations

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AAHQ is seeking any nominations you may have for AAHQ Member of The Year.  The criteria for nominations is listed below. Please put your nomination in as soon as possible.  We will be giving this award at our September 14 conference.


AAHQ Member of the Year nominations:

AAHQ strives to provide recognition to individual members who demonstrate leadership in the organization and commitment to quality improvement in healthcare in the state and nation. Nominations may be made by any current AAHQ member for any AAHQ member in good standing who meets the criteria outlined below.

AAHQ Member Recognition/Volunteer Point System

Association Member 1 point per each year
Association Team Member 1.5 points per each year
Association Team Leader 2 points per each year
Association Officer 3 points per each year
Submission of articles for Newsletter 2 points each article submitted
Speaker for AAHQ Meetings 3 points per each presentation
Recruitment of new members 3 points per member recruited

National Level Volunteer Point System

Quality Volunteer 0.5 points if selected per year
NAHQ Leadership Experience 2 points per each year
State Leadership at NAHQ meetings 1 point per each year

Team Member/Task Team Member 2 point per each year
Speaker for NAHQ meetings 2 points per each presentation


Nominations must be received electronically by September 3. Please send nominations to Lynnette Jack at ljack@mqrs.net or call 501-379-8980, if there are questions. Nominees will be contacted to submit supporting documentation. Supporting documentation must be submitted by 9/6/18. The Member of the Year will be recognized at the Annual Conference on September 14, 2018.

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